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Medical-Legal Documentation You Can Rely On

Cruzora Physician Solutions, PLLC are Board-Certified Physicians who specialize in medical-legal documentation review and assessment reports.  We pride ourselves on the highest quality medical legal reports.  All medical-legal reports from Cruzora are completed and signed by Board-Certified Physicians.  

We are physician-legal consultants who specialize in:

  • Medical records review with attention to causation and liability​

  • Hospital institutional medical errors

  • Third-party physician documentation reviews

  • Medical cost projection

  • Determination of required medical services

  • Future medical costs associated with the elderly

  • Reasonableness of past medical care

  • Life expectancy

  • Life care plans due to catastrophic and non-catastrophic injuries

  • Expert witness designation

We work with clients, plaintiffs and defense attorneys, insurance and government agencies. As Board-Certified Physicians, we are in a unique position to give a comprehensive, unbiased and professional medical-legal opinion and report.


Our Story

It 's the Cruzora Advantage! We are Board-Certified Licensed Physicians who are a no-nonsense physician medical-legal group that provides unbiased, defensible and professional medical documentation and testimony.  We have years of experience at reviewing medical charts from all medical specialties and disciplines. Our dedication is to the highest quality professional medical reports and expert opinions. All physicians at Cruzora are Board-Certified who are well-versed on standards of care and delivery of medical care within the healthcare community. We don't seek out the experts...We Are The Experts!


Care By Professionals You Can Trust


Medical Records Review with Attention to Causation and Liability


Hospital Institutional Medical Errors

X-Ray Results

Third-Party Physician Documentation Reviews


Medical Cost Projections

Neck Brace

Determination of Required Medical Services

Wheelchair Accessibility_1

Future Medical Costs Associated with the Elderly

Blood Pressure Exam

Reasonableness of Past Medical Care

Doctor Taking Notes

Life Expectancy


Life Care Plans due to Catastrophic and Non-Catastrophic Injuries

Doctor's Desk

Expert Witness Designation



Case Intake

After initial contact, you are immediately in contact with the physician who will discuss Cruzora services. During this initial discussion. we will speak on your case to determine if Cruzora ca assist with your needs. All cases are screened for conflict of interest and determination if Cruzora is of value to your case.



Initiating Services

If both parties agree that Cruzora can assist with the case, we establish a professional relationship by providing a Services Retainer Agreement, Outline of Planned Services, Projected Completion Date and Fee Schedule. Cruzora immediately begins working on your case when all required documents have been signed, prepayment for services ad medical documentation have been received.



Ongoing Engagement

Cruzora remains responsive to your ongoing needs and gives updates to the completion of the project. You are in constant contact with the Cruzora physician.


Hours of Operation

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are available after-hours and weekends. Our team is available to answer questions and discuss the range of services we provide at Cruzora. We work with clients and attorneys nationwide.

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Founder & CEO

3000 Green Rd. # 130260
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